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Ones & Twos
The History of First and Second NFL Draft Picks 1967-2017

In March 1967, two months after the initial Super Bowl, National Football League owners and American Football League owners met at the Gotham Hotel in New York City for the first combined NFL/AFL Draft. Two leagues, two commissioners, but only one draft. Ones & Twos chronicles the lives and careers of the first and second NFL Draft picks of the past 50 seasons, 1967-2017. From Bubba Smith and O.J. Simpson in the 1960s; Terry Bradshaw and Tony Dorsett in the 1970s; Bo Jackson and John Elway in the 1980s; Peyton Manning versus Ryan Leaf in 1998; and the quarterbacks of the past decade: Newton, Winston, Wentz, Bradford, Luck and Stafford — 102 biographies of football’s expected stars are detailed. Many of their stories are triumphant while others tragic; all their careers, and beyond, are described in Ones & Twos.

Runner Up in Biography/Autobiography at the December 2017 New England Book Festival
and Honorable Mention in General Non-Fiction

Honorable Mention in General Non-Fiction at the 2018 Florida Book Festival

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Ones & Twos
Rich Little - Author

Rich has taught in Massachusetts Public Schools for more than forty years, and six-years was the Adult Basic Education and GED instructor at the Plymouth County House of Correction & Jail in Plymouth, MA. Little has been an Aviation/Aerospace workshop director for N.A.S.A. in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force and was formerly a Regional Resource Representative for the National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.

Currently, he is a professor of mathematics at Massasoit Community College in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Previous writing endeavors include Bottom of the Ninth, a suspense story written with Tanya Cooke of Maryland and the award-winning historical novel Cold Case to Case Closed~Lizbeth Borden –My Story written with Beverley Folstad of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Another historical novel, The Injustice of It All, also co-authored with Bev Folstad, has been completed and is awaiting production.

The writing of Ones & Twos was a major project that seemed to grow exponentially in both its scope and length. Initially, one page was devoted to each One or Two draft selection; it was determined that this was impossible if their complete story was to be told. Readers with a keen math eye will look at the title and note that 1967—2017 is 51 years; you are correct, but it looks more ecstatically balanced than 1967—2016; as a result, there are 102 player biographies for the past fifty-one years.

Ones & Twos
Daniel A. Moore - Cover Artist

Renowned Sports Artist Daniel A. Moore has been capturing great moments in sports on canvas since 1979 when he released his first limited edition fine art print titled "The Goal Line Stand". The painting commemorates Alabama's great defensive stand against Penn State in the Sugar Bowl to clinch the 1979 National Championship. These prints quickly became collectors' items and have appreciated by well over 5,000% in value, currently selling for upwards of $2,500 each on the secondary market. "The Goal Line Stand" print edition has an approximate "market cap" of $12.5 million.

Moore has been commissioned to create paintings for the SEC, MLB, NFL, NBA, USGA, PGA, the Sugar Bowl, the Outback Bowl, the Citrus Bowl, and the Liberty Bowl, as well as numerous universities. His original works are proudly owned and displayed my museums, corporations, and private collections; his artwork is familiar to millions of people across the nation and world. In addition, Moore's talents were sought after by the United States Postal Service, commissioning him to create the paintings for the 1997 "Legendary Football Coaches" commemorative stamp series. These handsome postage stamps feature Vince Lombard, "Bear" Bryant, George Halas, and "Pop" Warner.

Moore's art has been the subject of two books: "Crimson & White and Other Colors" (1999) and "Iron Bowl Gold" (2005). In 2005, Moore received the prestigious international honor of being named "Sport Artist of the Year" by the United States Sports Academy.

Visit newlifeart.com for a complete listing of available works by Daniel A. Moore.

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