Jill Dougan ~ Rights Advisor
Jill has over twenty-five years of experience in the publishing business, and her expertise kept this project on schedule and within the legal standards of publication.

Manda Marie Buckley ~ Personal Assistant & Reference Production
Manda was responsible for statistical preparation of each player’s activities beyond their football careers. She is a full-time college student and the mother of a son, Paul Nathan and a daughter, Ryleigh. Manda also co-hosted the ‘Ones & Twos’ YouTube video series.

Kerry Wilson ~ Fact Checker & Statistician
Football is a game of numbers, both on the field and off; Kerry’s job was to maintain the accuracy of several ever-changing statistical databases. Kerry is also a full-time college student and mother of three sons, Drew, Vincent and Jake.

Robert Modrack ~ Proofreader Extraordinaire
Bob is the last person to examine the final document before it goes to press. Bob’s expertise has been used in both of Rich’s previous publications. Bob is a grandfather and retired firefighter; he resides in western Pennsylvania.

Ryan Austin ~ Resident Poet
Ryan is listed as the poet of the project, and he is responsible for the poetry entry at the beginning of the book; but he is more, as a junior high school English teacher his review of this volume was invaluable.

Brenda Santagati ~ Windows & Word Problem Solver
Dealing with a 520-page document in Word equates to playing Jenga on a roller coaster. Who you going to call when page numeration, inserting columns, table of contents, and other pesky problems appear—call Brenda.

Tony Santagati ~ The ‘Football Encyclopedia’
It was Tony’s idea that was the genesis of this project. Most of the facts and figures in this volume, Tony remembers verbatim.

Daniel A. Moore ~ Artist
Daniel Moore has graciously allowed the use of his award-winning artwork of the front and back covers of ‘Ones & Twos.’ Please read his bio-page included in this book.

Ellen T. Santagati ~ Cover Designer
Ellen, a.k.a. E.T., refers to herself as ‘The First Granddaughter,’ because she was here first. Dan’s artwork and Ellen’s cover design are the first and last items one sees when examining our book.

Paul Nathan ~ Keeper of the Cards
Paul has the unenviable job of sorting, wrapping, and distributing over 10,000 football cards of the ‘Ones & Twos.’

Nick Clarke ~ YouTube Video Production
Nick owns Island Grove Studios and is responsible for the ‘Ones & Twos’ YouTube videos.

Kate Hayes-Huer ~ Website Design
Kate designed and implemented our ‘Ones & Twos’ Website.

Dori Jamieson ~ Copy Editing Magician
Dori’s company name, ‘The Finishing Touch’ tells her entire involvement with the ‘Ones & Twos’ project.